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Month April 2018

Can You DIY CBD Oil?

Human health is a sensitive balance of fragility and strength. From infancy to adulthood, our health constantly goes up and down and it is a struggle to stay healthy all the time but try we must. We do it by eating healthy foods but it is easier said than done. Our modern lifestyle reduced us to fastfood eaters. Eating home-cooked meals are rare now as people prefer to eat something fast and loaded with preservatives as they cook faster and does not require a lot of preparation too.

Aside from the junks and sweets and everything artificial we consume, sleep is being sacrificed as well since there are a lot of distractions and there is little distinction right now between night and day. Technology keeps everyone preoccupied as you can connect to the web and do all sorts of things in real time that people pushes their bedtime further and further. Aside from that, many also work at night or have tons of paper works to finish or have their leisure time extended as it is more enticing to stay up late as often as they can because boredom is virtually inexistent anymore. Aside from that stress, pollution, unnecessary exposure to radiation, among others are reasons why our health deteriorates faster now than in the past.

Now, it is no wonder that people take all sorts of remedies to get well soon or maintain their good health knowing how many health risks we face each day. Cannabis is one natural remedy you probably least expect to make it big in today’s modern world. After all, it used to be a major taboo and was much frowned upon by society. You can’t blame the public as marijuana was a favorite among addicts because it is habit-forming and gives them an unnatural high that keeps them hooked to the stuff for the long haul. However, things have changed and experts found a better use for it. The discovery of medical cannabis has shaken up the medical community but perhaps in a good way. Chronic sufferers finally found an alternative solution to their problems, something that traditional medicine wasn’t able to do for them. With all the fuss surrounding CBD-rich cannabis, you are probably wondering right now how CBD oil is made. CBD oil, after all, is selling like hot pancakes. It is very versatile to use and just as convenient as most edibles and oral preparations of medical cannabis.

The Biology and Potential Therapeutic Effects of Cannabidiol | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a great read about the issue.

How CBD is made

CBD oil offers you the many benefits of cannabis without getting hooked to it nor lets it mess with your mind since it contains very little to no THC. Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty and find out what it takes to make this modern natural wonder.

1. Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method – considered as the most costly way of making CBD oil, it also happens to be the safest and best way as it is also used in the making of many other products such as vanilla, tea, coffee, omega-3 supplements, and even that of perfumes or other fragrances. This method is a highly innovative way of making CBD oil using high-tech equipment that uses pressure and temperature in changing carbon. It is like pressurizing a car tire, only this time more than thrice the pressure at 10,000 psi is used in cooling and compressing carbon dioxide. It reaches a supercritical state wherein it turns into a liquid form after undergoing extreme pressure while maintaining the properties of both liquid and gas. In its supercritical form, CO2 passes through the hemp to get a pure CBD oil extract while in a closed look extractor. It has a light amber color and is in a state that the body can easily digest.

2. Ethanol and Olive Oil Method – at 16,000 parts per million (ppm) or less than that concentration, ethanol is regarded as safe by the FDA itself and can be consumed by the general public. You may not know it but there is ethanol in the food you are eating since it is a known additive and food preservative. It is likewise an excellent solvent, which is why it can also be used in the making of the widely-acclaimed CBD oil. Meanwhile, olive oil can also be used as you only need to heat it up to 200°F in order to get the extract.

3. The Rick Simpson Method – named after the person himself who often suffered from tinnitus and dizzy spells but ultimately found relief from medical cannabis by making his own CBD oil, this method makes use of butane or other hydrocarbons such as acetone, hexane, pentane, or propane in extracting cannabis. Rick Simpson was able to get a pure CBD oil extract since hydrocarbons have low boiling points. After soaking the cannabis in solvents like grain alcohol and putting it under heat, the solvent disappears and only the CBD oil is left. While relatively easy to find and does not cost that much, hydrocarbons are known fire hazards and can lead to possible explosions too when not handled properly.

PureCBDOil.co.za is home to one of the best sites in South Africa covering CBD products. Many readers have written in asking about using cannabidiol for anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Most extraction methods require the use of solvents and heating up the plant with it until only the CBD oil extract is left. Now, just as crucial as the method in getting the highly coveted pure CBD extract, the cannabis strain to be used is also crucial to ensure you get the highest quality CBD oil that can heal you from your ailments and make your pains and aches disappear for real. To meet the growing demands for CBD oil, the preferred method of commercial growers and suppliers is the Rick Simpson method but this time they use a “Roto-Vap”, so they can reuse the ethanol for their next production.

Medical marijuana reduces use of opioid pain meds, decreases risk for some with chronic pain | University of Michigan News really illustrates the fact that opioids still are useful and so is CBD.

Now, artificial flavorings are used since the initial extract of the CBD oil isn’t the best tasting for public consumption. This is the key to making a hit product like CBD oil that is also considered a medical wonder. Cannabis has finally freed itself from the stigma of the marijuana of yesteryears and gifted the world with an all-rounder like CBD oil that continues to blow the minds of people and save people from ailments that they have to endure for a lifetime.

CBD Oil In Canada – Where To Buy And More

cbd gummies

CBD is one of the 80 active components of the cannabis plant known as cannabinoid and is mainly found in the trichomes or the resin glands of the female plant. It works by binding to specific receptors that are scattered all over the human body. Canadians love CBD gummies a lot. Toronto especially. It is a lock and key mechanism where CBD acts like the keys to these receptors to trigger certain reactions. Think of the endocannabinoid system of your body as a huge network of neurotransmitters that helps with:

• Anxiety
• Appetite
• Bone development
• Immunity
• Memory
• Mood
• Motor control
• Pain perception
• Reproduction
• Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders
(From: medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317221.php)

How was CBD discovered?

The story of Charlotte Figi was what brought worldwide attention to CBD. She already stopped laughing at the age of five and suffered from frequent seizure attacks due to her condition known as Dravet Syndrome. It is a rare condition that only affected one in 30,000 infants but it is a terrible one too. The convulsions are strong and long. The family felt helpless that they can no longer do anything for Charlotte’s condition when they got wind of cannabidiol from brewing social movements. This has been known worldwide as “Charlotte’s Web” and the reason why families relocated to Colorado to get their hands on this controversial yet promising treatment. Now there are many people searching for CBD oil in Canada.

It was necessary back then especially when cannabis wasn’t legal yet and the taboo was just barely being lifted. Charlotte was healed and so were many more whose lives and health were improved by this one taboo plant. Well, we better thank the Stanley Brothers for developing a CBD-rich and THC-low cannabis strain that is the foundation of the wide range of CBD-rich cannabis choices we have today.

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Examples of CBD-rich Cannabis

If you live in a state where the sale and use of medical cannabis is legal, you can pick your choice on the following CBD-rich cannabis available in the market today:
• Cannatonic
• CBD Critical Cure
• Charlotte’s Web
• Harlequin
• Sour Tsunami

Options for taking them are either by taking edibles or oral preparations, taking CBD oil orally or topically or by smoking or vaping depending on your preferred method or how urgent your need for cannabis is. Of course, you must consult with your doctor first and make sure your state approves or else you will be in big trouble but for the most part, those who have tried it only have good words for CBD and truly grateful for the relief it afforded them and allowing them to live a normal life once more.