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Month June 2018

CBD Oil vs. Medical Marijuana – Which Is More Effective?


CBD oil is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day.

The world is getting smaller in a way because of technology but life sure has become more complex. Some will argue that living has to be easier now with the smorgasbord of devices you can use to do things for you in a snap. If only things were that simple. As much as we would like to claim that life has been so much better with tech innovations doing the bulk of things for us, it has its complexities too. Not to mention the added stress to one’s finances having to purchase all these contrivances one at a time and then have to pay for repairs once they start to malfunction. Source: Treatment | Valley Fever Center for Excellence


Life has really become a bit stressful, which is why many end up sick. Chronic and incurable ailments like cancer are now common. Blame it on your diet, stress, and the many pollutants in the environment, the human body has a hard time staying normal and healthy amidst all these circumstances.


Even conventional medicine can’t save us from our misfortune now. Many people still suffer in sickness and in pain and die without a fighting chance of beating their conditions. Drugs being prescribed to patients not necessarily offer relief or a cure but some even can be harmful to the patient’s health. But is all hope gone? Fortunately, it’s not. Have you heard about medical marijuana? If not yet, it’s about time you do. This is why CBD is so amazing.


What is Medical Marijuana?

In medical terms, medical cannabis pertains to the use of the marijuana plant or extracts taken from (unprocessed or processed) it in the treatment of various illnesses or its symptoms. The US FDA has not yet categorized marijuana as a medicine although there are a number of doctors who now prescribe it to their patients who are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions like arthritis, epilepsy, and chronic pain.

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What makes medical marijuana special?

Many would probably not give marijuana the time of day a few decades back as this humble weed has once been highly stigmatized and often associated with hippies and junkies. Well, it is true but not anymore. The major reason why people frown on the marijuana of yesteryears is because of its addicting effects. It messes people’s brains not to mention it is highly addicting. Not anymore, though. We now have different strains of marijuana, so you have a choice whether you want one recreationally or for medical purposes.


The former is rich in THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that has psychoactive properties and used as a recreational marijuana. The latter is specifically bred to be rich in CBD or cannabidiol. It contains all the good stuff that marijuana offers minus the nasty side effects and habit-forming properties.


What are cannabinoids?

These are the chemicals found in the marijuana or cannabis plant that have promising health benefits as well as mind-altering properties. The human body itself is capable of making its own cannabinoids but not in quantities as large as medical cannabis.

koi cbd gummies CBD oil takes the cake as the best for this reason.


Benefits of Cannabinoids

While many see THC-rich cannabis to be of not much use when it comes to the medical management of diseases, you’d be surprised to find out that it is actually helpful in boosting the appetite and in reducing nausea. If you go to www.cbdoilrelief.net you can get a lot of insight into medical-marijuana related extracts. Aside from that, it can likewise help in the reduction of inflammation as well as offer relief to various muscle control problems. What’s even better with medical cannabis or the strain that is naturally rich in CBD is that you get what THC does best without making you feel high. Aside from chronic pain and epilepsy management, medical marijuana can help you beat addictions and several other mental illnesses.